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In 1995 my dad and I acquired the company, Jamaican Teas Ltd. At that time the company produced only regular black teas under the Tetley brand, and this was sold mainly in Jamaica. Our Vision was to expand the operations by building the herbal teas range as well as through exports. Herbal teas provided both a refreshing drink that is great for the health! Some of these herbs have been found consumed by people going back centuries. We also saw the opportunity to develop local agriculture by packaging locally grown herbs such as Lemon Grass and Cerasee. Today we produce approximately forty different types of teas and export to twenty customers within the Caribbean and North America. We also produce teas on a contract basis for a number of other Caribbean companies. Hope you enjoy the Website.

Regards J. Mahfood

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How Tea May Fight Disease

The three non-herbal teas-black, green, and oolong-all come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. Their differences lie in the processing: Heating the leaves immediately after they've been chopped minimizes certain chemical changes and produces green tea; a brief delay in heating yields oolong tea, and a longer delay yields black tea.